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My introduction/introduce

Hawk Chen, graduated from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in 1999, studied under Professor Song Limin, a leading designer of China environmental art, and a senior interior architect. In nearly 20 years of design career, he has designed hundreds of indoor and outdoor environmental design projects, won many industry awards, and is known as the leader of luxury house design in Shenyang. Currently: President of the design and Research Institute of Shengshi mansion Decoration Group, chief designer of Chen Haoke space design office. Concurrently: Director of idea Designer Association; founder of Jujiang designer exchange platform; chief design consultant of Hong Kong high point interior design company; chief design director of Ailan soft decoration design company. Honors: Top 10 most influential designers in China in 2014; meritorious figures in Liaoning household decoration design industry in 2014; Liaoning villa design leader in 2015; top 10 gold medal villa designers in Liaoning in 2012. Design concept: we focus on the design of indoor and outdoor space environment, and strive to make the living space become an excellent living environment integrating living place, nourishing environment and source of growth, so that the residents can feel the beauty of multi-dimensional human settlements. Life precipitation design, design changes life. more+

Five styles of "shuxinju" Mansion

Five styles of "shuxinju" Mansion

Life precipitation design, design changes life

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  • 01

    Comfortable living

    The home style is based on the new medium comfortable style of Jane and the United States

  • 02

    Zhuo pinju

    World top fashion, luxury fashion home

  • 03

    Art house

    Home fashion trend with high quality and high artistry as the core of cultural and artistic successful people

  • 04

    Zen dwelling

    Represented by the New Oriental style of China, Japan, South Korea and other regions, the trend of life situation of tranquility and recuperation is advocated.

  • 05

    Fashion house

    Modern simple light luxury avant-garde style as the main representative of the popular trend style of home fashion

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